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BESPOKE SERVICES – Porter and Brawn


As trend forecasting experts we take a slightly different view of our role within the industry.

At Porter and Brawn, we celebrate the unique and individual.  We don’t produce trend guides that dictate specific collections –  our process is much more fluid. The content of our blog and the way we work with clients is inspirational, informative, empowering and enlightening.

We immerse ourselves in the creative industry.  We analyse and review the market and inform our clients about the trends we see evolving and developing. There’s no denying that the trend forecasting cycle is a big part of creative practice but our main objective is to help our clients to translate trend information in a way that supports their own brand story.

We use tried and tested methods to understand how consumer behaviour will affect future trends. Each season we calculate what colours, fabrics, prints and materials will be most relevant and will resonate with consumers in upcoming seasons.  Our seasonal retail report, trade fair reports and design updates can be used in many different ways to benefit a brand or retailer.

The retail environment is tough and we understand the pressure on brands to ‘play it safe’ in order to eliminate as much risk as possible.  However, by conforming to strict trend projections, the retail environment is becoming more and more uniform which in turn creates more competition and less appealing reasons to spend for the customer.

We firmly believe that it is important for our clients to understand the market; both what is current and what is coming.

By using this information we help our clients to develop a winning strategy for communicating better with their customers through their product selection and style direction.

Our services are completely bespoke and we work with small stores and independents right through to international brands. Client use content and information that we provide and adapt it to make it their own.

The outcome? A product offering which in line with brand strategy and delights the customer on every level!

Interested in how this could work for you?  Get in touch.


You can obtain the services of Porter & Brawn on a daily rate basis, however, our packages offer value for money whilst still being totally flexible.

These three packages are our most popular and give you a good idea of how we can add value and support your business.  Contact us to find a solution that is right for you.

1 the explorer

This is our simple entry-level package which delivers in-depth research into your specific product area with a focus on the latest trend developments that are relevant to you.  It allows for clear thinking and direction and delivers all the key ingredients to really formalise your future design strategy.  The process begins with an introductory phone call where we can discuss your specific requirements and goals for the project.  You may be looking to refresh your product ranging or look at ways to expand your offering or style. The end result is a collection of research findings which explore material, colour, pattern and design direction in a way that is relevant to your brand.  This package starts at £840.

2 the pathfinder

Over and above what our ‘Explorer’ package offers, this option really starts to get down to the nitty-gritty and provides you with an effective framework to follow. There is the option to include a half-day creative kick-off session here where we can start to explore the design strategy and what the needs are to really start putting a game-changing plan into action.  The research steps are just the same as with our entry-level package, however, here we begin to apply more in-depth knowledge of your current range and finish with a set of style specification boards which give a suggested direction, right down to colour palettes, material usage and techniques. Starting at £3500, this package is aimed at those that want to take their creative vision to the next level.

3 the realiser

This package is where Porter & Brawn really excels. Using our extensive commercial background, here we can work closely with you to ensure you obtain a seasonally relevant trend and design direction based on not only consumer and trends knowledge but also the specific needs of the business and your unique position within the market.  We discuss with you current performance, sourcing strategy and customer insight in order to formulate a future plan which places you ahead of the competition, differentiates yourself from the market and appeals to new audiences.  The end result is a proposal which can be presented to anyone within your business and the offer of ongoing support as products are finalised, manufactured and presented to customers.  We can brief free-lance designers on your behalf, converse with suppliers, engage internal teams and assist with visual merchandising and art direction.  This transformative and revolutionary package starts at £9900 and is designed to span entire seasons.

If you would prefer to develop a bespoke package that better suits your requirements and objectives then please get in touch.


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