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Heimtextil 2019 – trade fair highlights – Porter and Brawn

Heimtextil 2019 – trade fair highlights

Heimtextil 2019 – trade fair highlights
1Heimtextil Trends Space - Towards Utopia

Last week we returned to Frankfurt, Germany to visit Heimtextil, the leading interior textiles and interior design trade fair event which is held every January. Visitors attend the event to meet with international manufacturers and suppliers from around the world and of course, see a vast selection of new product and innovation.

Previously titled ‘Theme Park’ (but this year in a new area and re-named), the Trend Space is often the first stop for visitors and gives an overview of the material, colour and innovation developments as well as future trends.  This year the curated selection of products was entitled ‘Towards Utopia’ and was brought together by a collection of industry experts.

The Trend Space asked visitors to question what Utopia means to them, through an interactive display and evocative statements.  The idea that we are all living in an age which is more aware and sensitive to the big issues facing our generation than any point in history before. If we are more aware then we are all more in control of the decisions we make every day, the little decisions which as a collective have a big impact on our future.  Utopia meaning “a society that respects every single person and their environment, and builds on individual responsibility, positive actions and optimism”

The trend displays were, therefore, all supporting this one main focus.  Five collections PURSUE PLAY, SEEK SANCTUARY, OFF-GRID, ESCAPE REALITY, and EMBRACE INDULGENCE presented the visitors with a perspective on how design supports some of these social questions.

The Heimtextil Trends Space presents trend concepts alongside key lifestyle/ social topics.  This not only gives insight into consumer behaviors and economic drivers but puts the design and colour trends into meaningful context.

We’ll give a little overview of the trends presented at Heimtextil and few of our highlights from across the rest of the show. Our trade fair report is released in March and gives a much more detailed analysis of all the trends spotted across the key trade fairs this season – so keep an eye out for that!

Heimtextil Trends Space - Go Off Grid
Heimtextil Trends Space - Go Off Grid

Off The Grid was the first space that we experienced.  At a time when we are all so conscious about the negative effect of too much time spent online and the impact that this has on relationships and mental health, this area explored our need to re-connect with nature and an aspiration to seek transformative experiences in remote places. Fabrics were strong, durable, technical and innovative in terms of the detail and construction and gave a feeling of durability and functionality.

Heimtextil Trends Space - Pursue Play
Heimtextil Trends Space - Pursue Play

Pursue Play was a vibrant, bold and joyful display, full of colour and interesting details and patterns which caught our eyes and captivated our imaginations.  The trend presented a design reaction to the worry of everyday life, the unease caused by uncertainty – a need for optimism, fun and escape.  In the centre was a swing decorated with colourful fabrics and rope in front of a digital display featuring the trend title and smiley emojis.

Escape Reality
Heimtextil trends Space - Escape Reality
Heimtextil Trends Space - Escape Reality

Escape Reality explored the idea of how the virtual and digital world combines with an inherent, human need for real, tactile experiences. The central display allowed visitors to pass through a space which was rich in colour and light, to view a suspended and moving system of iridescent finishes and liquid-like shapes. The mood was ethereal and mystical, designed to make you feel as though you were experiencing a dynamic, virtual dimension.

Seek Sanctuary
Heimtextil Trends Space - Seek Sanctuary
Heimtextil Trends Space - Seek Sanctuary

This next area was in essence, an evolution of Minimalism.  The idea that stripping things back to the essentials is a good way to gain clarity. Thought-provoking environments, free of unnecessary clutter and visual stimulation.  Seek Sanctuary is about ‘seeking out and appreciating simple, beautiful, functional and finely executed pieces and concepts’.  Fabrics and samples were tactile, detailed, often intricate but evidently harmonious and subtle, creating a feeling of calm and serenity.

Embrace Indulgence
Heimtextil Trends Area - Embrace Indulgence
Heimtextil Trends Area - Embrace Indulgence

Lastly, Embrace Indulgence centred around the idea that the word ‘Luxury’, nowadays means much more than just plush finishes and opulent designs but also includes a meaningful expression of creativity and a transparent approach to design and manufacture. The colours used in this zone were rich and deep. The walls were covered in tactile velvet and scattered across the space were pockets of high shine, metallic, and Art Deco shapes.

Key highlights

Our 2019 TRADE FAIR REPORT includes in-depth analysis of the entire show combined with an overview of all other key trade fairs this season and is released to purchase in March.  However, we wanted to share a few key highlights of this show here.  Being a textiles trade fair, many of our key highlights came in the form of patterns and fabric techniques.  Detail and confident use of colour continue to be a key message with more focus this season on craftsmanship, weaving, innovation, and techniques.  We came across bedding from fashion brand Oilily which featured interesting pattern clash prints – a key print trend which we identified in our recent AW19 PATTERN TREND REPORT.  Definitely, one to keep an eye on for the future! We always look forward to seeing new product launches from Essenza and Esprit who didn’t fail to deliver again with new eye-catching prints and well-considered palettes.  Caselio and Mind the Gap presented some interesting designs inspired by travel and exploration of the natural world – intricate and detailed. British brand Christy was one of many exhibitors that presented bold use of colour and geometric design varying in scale and complexity.

Bedding with Oilily brand
Fabrics and wall coverings from Mind the Gap
Caselio wallpaper
Bedding by Christy
Bedding by Esprit
Bedding by Essenza

We hope thats given some highlights of the show and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to comment below.  Did you attend?  What did you take from the show as key learnings?

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