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Black with a BANG! A key colour trend for 2019/ 2020 – Porter and Brawn

Black with a BANG! A key colour trend for 2019/ 2020

Black with a BANG! A key colour trend for 2019/ 2020
1Black Bird Lamp from Seletti

After visiting various influential trade fairs each season, we report back on the key trends observed across them all.  This insight forms the basis of our Interior Trends workshops and much of the inspiration for our bespoke projects.  A subject that always takes prominence when analysing our findings is colour.  Moving through the next few seasons, brave use of colour is going to become something of the norm.  Customers are looking for positivity and optimism in times of change – as a way to take back control.  Bold colour choices are already beginning to filter down, yet to make a statement, you don’t always have to opt with a huge amount of colour at all.  A trend that will no doubt be sticking around for a good few seasons to come, is the return of black.  Black – but not quite as we know it.  

Black has been a key colour highlight for many years now and its ability to add detail and contrast to a scheme or design often makes it a ‘must have’ in any modern palette.  This season, however, we see black move from being a mere accent to a real focal shade.  The introduction of matte black enables its usage to be much more versatile as key colour across not just accessories and textiles but upholstery, furniture and paint.

Monochrome styles offer a high contrast and striking look but if this style is a little too stark, this new direction brings with it a much softer side.  Layering up black across a number of material substrates creates a tactile aesthetic where the strength of black is calmed with matte finishes and brushed and painted applications. 

Here are some of our favourite examples of where we have seen black return to the forefront.

Benchmark at 100% Design
Dare Studios at 100 Percent Design
Dare Studios at 100 Percent Design

In furniture design, slim black frames continue to grow in importance and this is a style that we are now seeing evident throughout the rooms of the home. This example from Benchmark is great as it shows black being used across multiple materials.   We love how smooth surfaces and textured finishes sit side by side in these examples from Dare Studios.

House Doctor at Maison Objet Autumn 2018
Hubsch at Maison Objet Autumn 2018
Lifestyle Home at Maison Objet Autumn 2018

For seating and upholstery, black works really well especially on really tactile fabrics such as velvet, leather and wool.   At Maison Objet this season, House Doctor demonstrated the importance of black through a collection of products, in small highlights as well as across large areas.

Mette Ditmer at Maison Objet 2018
Porcelanosa 2018
Black vases Kristina Kam

Use of black as a key colour in the bathroom will continue to be important and use of interesting materials such as marble (as shown in this example from Porcelanosa) really helps to bring the look bang up to date!  And how beautiful does black look when its applied across a simple smooth shape in these accessories from Kristina Dam?!

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