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Heimtextil 2018: Trade Fair Highlights – Porter and Brawn

Heimtextil 2018: Trade Fair Highlights

Heimtextil 2018: Trade Fair Highlights
1Theme Park entrance: The Future is Urban

Heimtextil is the leading interior textiles and interior design trade fair event and is held at the Messe venue in Frankfurt, Germany every January. Visitors attend the event to meet with international manufacturers and suppliers from around the world and of course, see a vast selection of new product and innovation.

The Theme Park area is often the first stop for visitors and this zone gives an overview of market developments and future trends for 2018/2019.  This year the curated selection of products were led by innovative North London based creatives FranklinTill.

Unlike many other trade fair trend presentations, the Heimtextil Theme Park presents four trend explorations alongside key lifestyle trends.  This not only gives insight into consumer behaviours and economic drivers but puts the design and colour trends into meaningful context.  This year the overriding theme was ‘The Future is Urban’ and focused on living habits and the environment as well as the decisions we make about how we use the space around us.  According to FranklinTill, almost all of us will be living in major cities by the end of the 21st century and this presentation questioned what the response should be from a design point of view.

HEIMTEXTIL 2018 The Maker Space
HEIMTEXTIL 2018 Adapt and Assemble
HEIMTEXTIL 2018 Relax and Recharge

The four lifestyle trends were The Flexible Space, The Healthy Space, The Re-made Space and The Maker Space. The Flexible Space looked at flexible studio apartments where adaptable furniture and clever configuration for small spaces was of prominence. The focus here was on our use of space as it becomes more of a premium, questioning the value of the things we own versus the way in which we live.  The Healthy Space was effectively a greenhouse with office desks surrounded by lush plant life and greenery – enabling the hypothetical user to connect with nature whilst at work.  One of the most insightful areas was The Re-made Space which included a selection of material innovations focused entirely on urban waste and how unwanted materials and the discarded product could be used to create something new. Lastly, The Maker Space inspired us with live demonstrations of technical craft and explained how the rise in ‘the maker movement’ and a populations interest in learning new skills is affecting manufacturing developments as we wish to play a bigger part in how things are made and what they look like. We loved seeing The Bristol Weaving Mill live in action with some tapestry weaving and fabric dying.

HEIMTEXTIL 2018 Urban Oasis
HEIMTEXTIL 2018 Urban Oasis
Heimtextil 2018 Soft Minimal

The Design and Colour trends were all very different however there was a key correlation that helped to connect the four.  All were displayed in a very relaxed, fluid and tactile format.  Fabrics were draped over framework or hung from the ceiling. The spaces were all-embracing and encouraged the visitors to move through the space, discover the hidden displays and touch and feel the fabrics and materials being showcased.  Pattern was minimal but where it did feature it was mostly graphic and linear, apart from the Urban Oasis display which saw an abundance of decadent fabrics and showstopping leafy jungle patterns.

Were you able to visit Heimtextil this year?  What were your thoughts?  If you would like more detailed insight and lots of exciting visuals of the show, please get in contact with us to pre-order your copy of our 2018 Spring Trade Fairs report.

Let us know your thoughts below, thanks!

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  • Becky at PinksCharming January 21, 2018 7:38 pm

    OOh I bet that is a great place to visit! Glad to see graphic prints are still en vogue x

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